Guitar Lessons


FG-75 Guitar and Music Theory

Learn to read music while working through the 1959 classic Mickey Baker's Complete Course in Jazz Guitar Books 1 & 2. “A modern method in how-to-play jazz and hot guitar. Featuring new harmonic devices and techniques: jazz riffs, breaks, fill-ins and solos; progressive chord and melody styles; the latest rhythm and blues phases; hot guitar solos.” 

Immerse yourself in the four dimensions of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, emotion. Set and achieve goals. Guitar lessons include finger exercises, chords & chord progressions, scales & arpeggios, technique, soloing, ear training, learning songs, listening to music, music theory.

All books, work sheets, etc. supplied by Bob.

My rate is $30/hr however I do work on a sliding scale depending on your situation. If you or your child truly want to learn guitar and cannot afford lessons I will teach for one penny. If you haven't got a penny a hay penny will do.

AFF Affordable, friendly and fun.

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