What About Bob?



Alive and well on planet earth. Moved from Los Angeles to the Los Padres National Forest in 2014. Living and enjoying life in the unincorporated community of Frazier Park, CA.

"Bob is a wandering minstrel, and as our greedy time has harvested every attention, he's sneaking into neighboring backyards while we're sleeping, luring lucid dreamers to pasture. It may be years before he hops your fence, and longer still will his tales of irreversible loveliness shake your sealed windows and charm your fluffy warm blankets before you repent...but you must! His music will slip in and out of your indecision, ring true when the bells are tolling, and rest on your weary back as wings whilst you run with hastened resignation for the hills...and like a wandering minstrel, gone far too soon." Tom Grimley 


Official space station bios of Bob Powell & Bethany Whitwer intended for low earth orbital expeditions. Thruster burns in the vaccuum flyby.