What About Bob?



Alive and well on planet earth. Living and enjoying life in the unincorporated community of Frazier Park, CA.

Bob Powell is an artist that plays stringed instruments and even presses record buttons. A true songwriter at heart. He resides in the Los Padres National Forest and records at his space stadium, Electronic Rune Studios. Not traditional folk nor jazz, Bob plays all of himself in a unique, continual tradition of sounds and musical forms. A lost bard? Wandering minstrel? So what's next? Well go ask Alice.

Space Folk Music In Electronic Mini Yggdrasil. 15 original songs.

Finished archiving Pussywillow Patch.

For the past year Bethany Whitwer and Bob have been writing & recording together for an unpredictable, eclectic Addiquit project of musical space exploration. Successful earth landing in March. LiFTofF 2017.

Mountain sessions with Kevin Moseley are in the Neutral Buoyancy Laboratory.

Bob is always working on Anthology Part II and is currently composing a soundtrack for The Crucible. 


Official space station bios intended for low earth orbital expeditions. Thruster burns in the vacuum flyby.